Sunday, May 04, 2008

Bi-partisanship, the One Ring and the Uruk-hai

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In an earlier post, I wrote why Conservatives and Republicans are not keen on the Global Warming issue. In that post, I mentioned if the Liberals and Democrats help us with our causes (War on terror and democracy in the Middle East), there would be some GOP'ers and Conservatives finding our way to help with Global warming.

Rather then hearing, "Great solution, it's worth a try," I heard doubt.

Let's start with the concept of bi-partisanship. Bi-partisanship is a unified front of members of both parties. How do you get there? Well, first thing is watch your rhetoric. Don't let Hate Speech dealers like Robert Scheer or Thom Hartmann control the conversation. They, like Keith Olbermann, believe all Conservatives and Republicans should be jailed or silenced (Remember Arianna Huffington's article?).

Again, how does wishing an American president harm or illness open the way to bi-partisanship?

How about this rhetoric?

I re-read the Lord of the Rings over the past week and realized Democrats and Republicans are fighting for the same purpose, to help America. It is just they are fighting on different fronts. Bet Hate speech purveyor Thom Hartmann won't say that.

President Bush outlined the theory that "Democracy beats Terrorism in the Middle East," In the past seven years, the only countermanding theory the Democrats proposed is the "Neville Chamberlain option,"

As a Jew, I realized Hitler gave peace from 1936 to 1940 with England. But there was no Peace if you were a Jew in Germany, Poland or Czechoslovakia. As evidenced by President Carter's trip to Hamas, Democrats would support terrorists and terrorist states if they hated President Bush. In fact, Democrats are decrying the "Concert of Democracies," because Republicans support the idea. Great showing of bi-partisanship, huh?

Conservatives and Republicans believe the fight against Mordor should go right up to the Black Gates. Surrounding Mordor with Democracy leaves it little breathing room to spread.

Liberals and Democrats belive they are carrying the One Ring to Mount Doom. But they have habitually cursed at the Commanders trying to bring the fight to Mordor's Gates.

Continued in the next post.

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  1. JSF, do you really expect to get bipartisanship by making a list of demands for the other side? Bipartisanship is about finding common ground. There are always going to be fundamental things that neither side will agree upon, and there will always be people on either side who just want to bash the other. By making unrealistic demands of the other side, you show that you are only willing to play lip service to bipartisanship so you can pretend that it's your side who wants it while the bad other guys don't. Once again, your partisanship disappoints me.

  2. The problem with politics is that everyone wants to make demands of everyone and thus we can't get anywhere. For the process to be useful people have to get over their shit.


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