Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Teacher, A Preacher, and a Comedian

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Live Earth came and went. Did you see it? However, to get a little perspective on Global warming and mankind's relation to the Earth -- Here is a teacher named Dr. Carl Sagan. This is from Cosmos, his show from PBS that was shown in 1981:

The next post is from a Graduate Divinity student who became Vice President for eight years. With all the Governmental power under him, what did Vice President Gore do to stop Global Warming? This is from An Inconvenient Truth:

This last piece is from George Carlin. The language is harsh, but why are Carlin and Sagan closer then Gore and Sagan?

As the Joker said in Batman, "Who do you trust?" The teacher (Sagan), the Preacher (Gore) or the comedian (Carlin)?


  1. Funny how these things work isn't it? There is always someone trying to take the opportunity to cash in. I think that this is yet again another post that I can appreciate.

  2. Truth be told I have little trust or in any of them.

    Trust must be earned and if broken it woe unto the person who broke faith and trust because, once someone breaks my trust it is near impossible to regain it.


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