Sunday, July 01, 2007

Gordon Brown hears the Thunderclap

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Gordon Brown wanted to be Prime Minister, does he still want it?

Two car bomb threats in London (against soft targets), and one exploding car at Glasgow Airport. Whether the Terrorists are attacking because Brown is still new as PM or Rushdie is receiving his Knighthood does not matter. How do you negotiate with someone who only wishes to kill themselves or you?

The storm was started in Israel by the Palestinian Suicide Bombers. A week before September 11, they attacked three times (twice in Jerusalem, once in Netanya). Then came 9/11, and everyone forgot those attacks.

Say what you will about President Bush and Vice President Cheney, but why hasn't the United States been attacked since 2001? And that includes embassies. The template of these attacks have occurred throughout Israel's existence, do you choose to ignore them or do you bring the fight overseas?

Now my question to my liberal readers is: How do you defeat the terrorists?

Remember, since 2004, we can't track funds, listen to domestic conversations or rely on intelligence reports as per Democratic rhetoric. Given those rules, how do you actually find and defeat the terrorists before they attack Universal City or the Golden Gate Bridge in 2009?


  1. Fearmongering is so beneath you.

  2. Jason,

    If you look into the posts I wrote late last year, I mention the storm clouds motif. I mention how the Democrats have used their own rhetoric to say "I want to stop the terrorists but don't do A, B, C..."

    These issues do tie in with Israel. Israel used to be the proving ground -- look at the list of terrorist attacks before September 11, 2001 (The link is in the post). Suicide bombing is not a new concept. As a former Democrat, I want to belive the party is engaged in what is happening in the UK -- but I hear the rhetoric and I doubt.

    Can we agree that Suicide bombing is wrong? Can we agree that we are engaged against an NGO that doesn't like either of us or the folks in the UK right now either?

    This is not a new tale since 9/11. It was once syndicated television show [Israel/Arabs]that has become a major network show [US/UK] that is copied around the world [South Asia/Africa].

  3. Jason, Jason, Jason ...fearmongering? I wonder if you would have said that on September 12th, 2001! How quickly we (you) the public forget that real people get killed by terrorists. It's so safe here in our little world. The bombs recovered in the U.K. were loaded with nails. That's real nails which would have blasted into people's faces, stomachs, hearts! I spoke to someone at another blog who has been at the scene of such bombings (for work) and knows firsthand how horrifying they are. Believe me, he's got nothing to say about 'fearmongering' and everything to say about halting this threat in its tracks!

  4. Anonymous10:50 AM PDT

    Speaking of bombings, have you guys seen Evan Almighty?

  5. Where's my second comment?

  6. Jason,

    I never got it. Try publishing it again -- all the comments up are all the comments that went through the dashboard.

  7. Dang. I should probably not post before I leave the house in the morning as buttons tend to not get hit while diapers are being changed, milk is being sprayed everywhere and the most annoying puppets on television are singing annoying puppet songs. Anyway, what I think I said was something to the effect of...

    I don't deny that there is a very real threat. I think there are right and wrong ways to address it. Subverting the freedoms that this country was founded upon is the wrong way. Trying to destroy the careers of anyone who tries to hold our government up to the standards of decency and law is the wrong way. Going into an irrelevant war which is creating more of a danger for us is the wrong way. And to try to insinuate that we will be attacked if we don't follow the horrible standard set forth by this administration who considers themselves above the law is the very definition of fearmongering.

    You seem to be a patriotic American, but talk like this makes it seem like your allegiance lies more with your political party than the very principles of what this country was founded upon. We are a nation of laws. If our leaders can't follow them, what example does that set for the citizens? Why is it too much to ask these people to go through the proper channels to get the warrants they need to get the job done? Why is it so hard to convict these supposed enemy combatants through our supposedly just and fair legal system? Why do they have to send goons to the hospital to harass an attorney general in the ICU to OK programs that are clearly unconstitutional? And if we push aside our constitution, give up some of our freedoms and become a more authoritarian society in the process, haven't the terrorists gotten at least part of what they wanted?

    And completely off the topic but why the hell does a guy who covered up a possible act of treason getting off easier than Paris freakin' Hilton?

  8. Jason,

    About Libby, read the next post.

    However, with the terror threats, I hear the Democrats say that President Bush is handling the war wrong. Fine. I hear that they will do things, but not how. And everyway the Administration does to handle this threat, it gets pooh-poohed by the Left.

    Stop the terrorists? I'm glad the Dems want to sign on, but they have to tell me how they plan on winning.

  9. The democrats are campaigning right now. I'm sure it's not too hard to find out their plans on how to beat the terrorists if you pay attention. I tend to not pay attention to democratic candidates as I'm not picking one in the primaries and I'm more than likely going to vote for whoever they put out in the general (though I may have to sit this one out if it's Hillary). What I am mostly concerned with is that we have a gang in office now who have no respect for the law. I think that should chap the hide of any law abiding citizen regardless of party affiliation.


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