Monday, July 02, 2007

Moral Relevence

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Before I hear the rants and raves of the Left Side of the Blogosphere, please explain why, that a President impeached for perjury, finds the Democratic Congressmen and women standing beside him even though they were in the Jury box? The picture above was taken after the House vote on December 19, 1998, thus proving that the mainstream of Democrats do not think Perjury is a crime.

The Executive Branch has the power of commutation or pardoning. Clinton used it for Susan McDougal in a case that affected President Clinton personally; Bush commuted Lewis Libby in a case close to his office.

Intelligence agencies have Analysts and Agents. Agents actually get the information while overseas, from sources and write reports for the home office. Analysts are the home office. If Plame was an Agent, what was she doing based in Virginia? Being an intelligence agent means you are based overseas in embassies or newspapers, etc. not in a cubicle in Virginia. And who released her name to Novak? A guy who I respect, Richard Armitige.

How does Armitage leaking Plame's name to Novak cause Libby to be prosocuted? That is like Sandy Berger getting a slap on the wrist for stealing Top Secret National Archive documents. And if Berger can do it, why can't anyone else?

Berger stole documents, President Bill Clinton commited Perjury, Libby committed perjury. The Democratic party supports both stealing Top Secret documents and perjury. Prove me wrong


  1. Once again, you bust out the two wrongs make a right defense and make excuses for flagrant contempt for the law because it's one of your guys. It's your right, of course. But I find such blind partisanship to be incredibly annoying.

  2. Anonymous11:49 AM PDT

    My own opinion is purgery and obstruction should be capital offenses regardless of the party involved. Shalom motek, what an insightful post.

  3. Anonymous4:21 PM PDT

    Come on, if you had an affair with Monica Lewinsky, you'd lie about it too.

  4. I kind of found Monica sexy in a chubby slutty kind of way.

  5. Every President has used the power to pardon and commute sentences. There is sufficient case law on the subject, I doubt it will be called into question. George Wahington this very power himself to pardon the leaders of the Whiskey Rebellion on March 3, 1797. The use of the pardon and clemency powers while always controversial is sometimes necessary take the example of the Scottsboro Boys the use of the pardon in this case was wholly justified.

  6. Chessnovice said Every President has used the power to pardon and commute sentences. There is sufficient case law on the subject, I doubt it will be called into question
    Unfortunately it already has. No matter what is decided justly in a court of law, the Left has already convicted, sentenced and hung Bush on this and blasted it across the MSM. Such is the power of public opinion. This is why we need the blogosphere.

  7. Aurora, perhaps that is true to certain extent as Thomas Jefferson observed

    Government being founded on opinion, the opinion of the public, even when
    it is wrong, ought to be respected to a certain degree." --Thomas Jefferson to Nicholas Lewis, 1791. FE 5:282

    I believe President Jefferson was quite correct in his statement concerning public opinion and its importance in the governmental processes.

    Having said that American law by its very nature expands or contracts subject to the will of populace although, the will of the public at large is not truly independent in the sense that its decision making processes have been influenced by a variety of factors.

    I am neither a Democrat nor am I Republican in the strictest sense of those terms. Associate Justice Robert H. Jackson observed the following before his death:

    Had Mr. Lincoln scrupulously observed the Taney policy I do not know whether we would have had any liberty, and had the Chief Justice adopted Mr. Lincoln's philosophy as the philosophy of the law, I again do not know whether we would have had any liberty.

    As Justice Jackson pointed out in 1951 the questions we must confront on daily basis involve a balancing of the vested rights of an individual and the authority to restrict those rights.

    The issue between authority and liberty is not between a right and a wrong—that never presents a dilemma. The dilemma is because the conflict is between two rights, each in its own way important. Speech Given at Buffalo Law School 9 May 1951

    As Learned Hand rightly pointed out the rationing of justice dooms democracy.

    If we are to keep our democracy, there must be one commandment: Thou shalt not
    ration justice. Learned Hand Speech to the New Yor Legal Aid Society February 16, 1951


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