Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Calm before

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If you check the Archives of the Valley, one of the themes mentioned is the upcoming storm of terrorism and complacency. Even though the theme taken a backseat to the Anti-Semites at Kos, The GOP in California, Power in a Uni-polar world and Iraq as a pillar in American Middle East policy, I have always looked for the storm clouds.

Aurora at the Midnight Sun has been more vigilant at spotting the upcoming darkness ahead. Before a summer storm hits, there is a quiet that even cicada's are silenced. Here is where the edges of the cumulonimbus clouds are forming:

Israel - Anyone who saw the war last year between Lebanon (Hezbollah), the Palestinians (Hamas) and Israel saw that Olmert cannot lead. Nor can Olmert run things domestically. Olmert had his chance, call the election soon. Bring back Bibi!

The United States -- In the "silly season" of the '90's until September 10, 2001, America did not see how failed states and dictatorships could affect us domestically. Democrats are only focused on election 2008 (and only that) whereas Republican politicians are worried about the Long Game being played against the United States. Iraq is not Vietnam -- It is Spain 1936.

Islam -- Unlike the Judeo-Christian world, their was no version of the Reformation in Islam. In Buddhism and other eastern religions, there is talk of Karma and Dharma, peace by way of communing with the world. Islam does not offer that. Just like you need a Conservative Right Winger to shut Ann Coulter up, just like you need a major Democratic politician to stop the Heathlander's writings on Kos, Islam itself must be reformed from within.


  1. JSF, yes the storm clouds are gathering, both in Israel and the Mid East region in general but also there in the U.S. with a major terror threat now being confirmed by high level people. I don't know what the Democrats are thinking in their coccoons. Nor Olmert who wrings his hands and dithers. Where are the strong, moral leaders?

  2. It's a little bit hard to worry about a terror threat here in the states when our government has cried wolf about it so many times. It's kind of a no win situation. Obviously if the signs are real and there is an attack or an attempt, Americans die and more of our freedoms are eroded in the name of security. And if there isn't an attack or an attempt, then our government continues to lose credibility. Clearly, I'd prefer the continued loss of credibility over death and/or further erosion of our constitution, but neither choice is all that attractive.

  3. JSF, while I agree with much of what you wrote, I disagree that there is no reformation movement within Islam.

    On this point I would recommend the works of Irshad Manji especially her work entitled The Trouble with Islam Today.

  4. JSF, now we're arming the Saudis (while several other Islamist nations are rapidly arming) What on earth were we thinking to sell 20 billion $s worth of arms to Saudi? A very, very big war is coming. All the signs are there and it's going to affect every one of us.


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