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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

November 2011 Tip Jar (with ANOTHER Gothy Actress!)

Welcome to November!

The first day of November has been good to me; It makes up for a horrible October. 

What happened? And what news? 

The Artist in me will always go for slow reveal.  If I am able to raise $300 for this month, I will tell you in this post.  (So, please donate to the Tip jar).

I am going back to Blogging this month, I am on fire!

Again, I'm trying to raise $300 for my Tip jar. Any help is most appreciated.

And since I am a Goth (and Politco), allow me to introduce you a Goth Actress by the name of Kate Beckinsdale.

Her roles in the Underworld series and in Van Helsing cemented her in the Goth Actress Hall of Fame. 

Enjoy! (And please hit the Tip Jar!)

Kate Beckinsdale in GQ (UK)

In Van Helsing

KB in Underworld:Evolution
Keep on following this great Gothy actress!  

And thank you again for reading the Valley!

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