Thursday, March 14, 2013

Seven Years Later, The Valley is Still in Style!

Yes, I had a "soft," re-opening. 

The SF Valley, from the 405

I took some time away because I could not write.  Internal battles are no fun, but this is the time to put them aside and WRITE!

Now, as I wish the Valley a "Happy 7th Birthday!,"  It's time to strike up the band and show you what is ahead:

As Yours Truly was away, I have studied some of the International scene where the media doesn't look.  Stay tuned. 

Other places the Valley will go:

1) Local and State battles  -- Quote this to your Political friends in the beltway:

Sometimes to help candidates in the basin, sometimes to chastise the (Democratic) majority running this State and City. 

2) Fixing the National GOP -- their is a civil war going on.  I take the side of the "Local Yokels,"  What works in the Southeast does not play on Sunset Boulevard or in North Hollywood.  Once the Nationals (and others) learn that, the quote above makes sense.

3) I am planning a research gig here in LA -- more news to be discussed later. However, it came from the night I spent helping my Mom at California General. Sponsorships welcome.

4) Sci-fi geek that I am, I will do posts about the Future and how the American polity connects.  Dreams are nice, but Reality makes rockets fly. I owe two posts on the American polity and Space Colonies.  Soon, my peeps, soon.

5) Countering the myths about the GOP and Democrats.  As a former Liberal Democrat, I don't hate the Left; I am just sad about how far their Hate has led them.  Ask yourself this: Why has the party of failed haberdashers and teaching school graduates, the so-called "party of the people," followed Orwell's INGSOC rather then Jefferson or Hamilton? 

6) Supporting Our Men and Women who work in the Dark and Our Men and Women Ambassadors who work representing America. They are the unsung heroes of the daylight.   Email me any leads here. 

7) My life, its ups and downs; Its music, dancers and Muses along with my goals and dreams. This Blog is not written by a Bot (yet), and until Skynet wakes, the Valley will thrive.

Welcome back to the New and improved Valley of the Shadow Blog!

My question: What do you hope to read here? Current Politics or going where everyone isn't? 


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