Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Question for Olbermann Supporters

When the people on the Left go too far, I end up defending people I never thought I would. I disagreed with President Bush on some issues, but the level of attacks (even today) makes me want to stand by him. The attacks on Rush made me ask: Did the Democrats ever support President Bush? (The answer is NO, thus proving Rush right.) And I stand by Rush.

Now, I am defending Bill O'Reilly, a guy I felt very neutral about, until this:

The story I saw was Mr. O'Reilly was offered a chance to speak at a fundraiser for the Alexa Foundation (I linked to it, please donate), a foundation to help Rape victims through the Court system.

A Blogger at Think Progress attacked Mr. O'Reilly and with help from one of the Nazgul's, Keith Olbermann, generated a mob to protest at the Fundraiser. Mr. O'Reilly then brought his crew to ask the Blogger at Think Progress: Why attack a man trying to raise funds for a Foundation to help rape victims?

The Blogger then ran to Keith Olbermann, etc. et. al. If the Left really wanted to win this battle, Think Progress and Keith Olbermann should have donated, say $5 million dollars so that Mr. O'Reilly would not speak, instead, they attacked a charity because of partisan interests. No matter how much I hate Keith Olbermann and the Left, I would not attack them there.

This was a level I though the Left would not travel. Wrong again.

Since I just finished a BSG post, I want to ask any or all Olbermann supporters one question, please send proof of your statements should you answer it:

Has Keith Olbermann spoke Pro Bono to a charity or given to a Non-political charity over the years? If so, which ones? And no, the statement of giving to charity during the Presidential race is bogus, to me, that is grandstanding.

Has Keith Olbermann given without publicity?

If not Mr. Olbermann, how dare you?

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  1. Anonymous11:54 AM PDT

    Good you you. That's an excellent comment about the hypocrisy of the left.

  2. JSF, there's been something that has always bothered me about your political posts, and it's taken me this long to figure out exactly what that is. Besides the leaps in logic, and besides the fact that I hate your party just a little bit more than I hate the other party, what I really find troublesome is that you don't ever discuss any substantial issues. It seems that your entire political focus is on partisan game playing. It's all look what this one said and then trying to paint everyone else with that broad brush. Besides the idea that criticizing Israel equals hating the Jews and that the misdeeds of one side somehow justify the misdeeds of the other, I don't think you've ever given your readers any clue as to what you actually believe in. There's no passion in these posts. It comes off as empty anger over stuff that doesn't effect regular people in the slightest. As we struggle to keep our jobs and our homes, we don't give a shit about talking heads and bloggers arguing with each other. I don't think I've ever seen anything from you about how to make life better for Americans. Why is that?

  3. Just like it was OK for the Dems to make cartoons of Bush looking like a chimp, but the Dems are upset and calling it racist that Rep. cartoonists want to do the same for Obama. I think Bush, Spitzer, and Obama would make a whole planet of the apes trio..what the hell do I know though. Double standards abound.

  4. Jason,

    There was an anger that was not in existence before the Plauge Year.

    However, as someone who has been tarred by many a brush by people who call themselves Liberal, progressive, or Tolerant. As someone trained as a partisan, the best defense is a good offense.

    As to my views, it's all laid out here among the different posts on the Blog. The only thing that has changed is my anger at the Democrats and Liberals hypocrisy.

    This is the type of anger that lends itself to the Dark Side stuff; I find it frustrating the we in the GOP like to argue "A" and then the reply we hear is "A" does not matter or that "A" is based on false prenteces, rather then argue "A".

    How do you debate that?

    Olbermann attacked a group because it had Bill O'Reilly speak. Did he try to outbid O'Reilly to not have him speak? No, he sent a mob to disrupt the fundraiser.

    And should I let that go?

  5. Jason,

    There are other people who have ideas on how to make things better -- this is not the post to touch on those ideas.

    There are also Policy posts too -- but I do not like being told "You're political posts mean squat," I think of Motes and eyes considering we are dealing with a man like Olbermann.

    Has he ever debated or defended his views? No. Go back and look throughout the Political (not policy) posts, I defend. It's not perfect, but I give it my all.

    My views have been discussed here, but I consider myself a mechanic in the realm of Governence and Politics. A guy between the Buckley's and the Rove's. You need the theorticians, but you need the tacticions too.

    If you deny Rove, then you have to deny Axelrod and Carville and Begala.

  6. JSF, I didn't meant to touch such a nerve. I was really just trying to help you connect with your audience on a deeper level. And when it gets a bit heated, let's promise to never take it to email again. Our readers deserve to see how it plays out. It gives them something real.

    From this point forward, I will not comment on any post that has any of this he-said she-said finger pointing, no matter how incredibly irritating I find it. I've said my piece and I'm moving on.

  7. I'm totally with you Jason... I just had to stop reading this crap cause I knew this people always leave something out. Totally agree with you JAson.


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