Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Frakkin' BSG Post

I love Sci-fi shows. During the Tom Baker years, I would watch Dr. Who. I also caught War of the Worlds (both seasons), and of course, the original Battlestar Galactica.

During the years the new BSG was on, I would jump in and out. I was there for the Election of Gaius Baltar and New Caprica. I returned for the whole of the last season as the Final Five were bandied about. The destroyed Earth and the final battles (Cylon and Human).

Every action had a reaction. The Cylon Civil war gave way to a coalition of Humans and Cylons, which beget Gaeta's Mutiny, which in turn, almost destroyed Galactica. After the final battle against the Cylons (Dean Stockwell rocked as John Cavail), Galactica ended up on our Earth.

Starbuck turned out to be a Ghost from G-d to lead this Tribe home. A literal Duex Ex Machina. Given the introduction to the original BSG, it seems the writers wanted this Tribe of survivors to be Ancient Astronauts.

It would have been interesting if Gaeta's Mutiny suceeded and then finding our Earth, but they needed Starbuck's internal memory to find it.

My questions is, did the writers rely too much on the idea of a "G-d" finding a home for humans and Cylons? Or was G-d the whole point of the journey to Earth? Did Baltar pay for his sins of twice betraying Humankind (once on Caprica, again on New Caprica)?And will history repeat itself?

So Say We All!

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  1. My thoughts on the finale... First half, badass! Second half, meh, with the exception of Roslin's heartbreaking death scene. I do always enjoy it when they bust out the sweeping orchestral theme of the original series. And would it have killed them to give Dirk Benedict a frakkin' cameo?

    I'm really curious to know what it was about Gaeta's mutiny that made you want it to succeed. I know there's got to be some kind of political subtext to it.

  2. I always thought gaeta's mutiny would have turned BSG into another direction -- to humble Adama and Roslin.

    It failed, but it could have changed the course of the show.

  3. Anonymous9:09 AM PDT

    I think getting into the deeper political/philosophical underpinings would be a fascinating discussion. On one hand, you've got a government that has become rather heavy handed and authoritarian. Initially democratic, but when push came to shove it was the military really running the show. And then you've got a populist revolution which started with good intentions but quickly turned nightmarishly Stalinist.

    And then there's a wealth of stuff that went down on New Caprica which I would really love your opinion on!

    I'm not telling you how to run your blog, but as a reader and commenter I would really love to see a deep discussion of BSG.


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