Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A tale of Two Candidates, Ron and Rudy

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On Guy Fawkes day (Remember, Remember/The Fifth of November), Rep. Ron Paul raised $4.2 million dollars online. Today, Pat Robertson endorsed his Republican opposite, Rudy Giuliani; Which gave room for Laura Ingram and Hugh Hewitt room to attack Robertson and Mayor Giuliani.

Only one of these candidates can be endorsed by the Valley by December 16. The other, if he wins the Republican endorsement, will force me to step out of the 2008 election. I will still attack Democrats and Liberals, but I will not support Rep. Paul. Why?

First, let me say, I like libertarianism (yes, small "L"), the Government shouldn't be in everyone face. Federalism has it's place, as does state's rights, but not to the point of no Government and no structure. I grew up in NYC during the 70's, I saw what chaos ensues when there is no Government and too much at the same time.

Now, like I tell my Dem friends, watch who you sup with. If you sup with a Hamas loving, Anti-Israeli supporter, this Jew will tar the whole party with Anti-semitism charges and make it stick. The Paulites are former Buchaninites who ally with 9/11 Truthers. Some Truthers believe "The Jews did it," on 9/11. It is an easy slippery slope from conspiracy to anti-semitism, it is all who you sup with.

Donald Douglas has two posts on Rep. Paul and his allies. Read them both (here and here). According to Douglas, some of his allies are neo-Nazis and Andrew Sullivan. Isolationists who revel (like the Democrats) in a weak American foreign policy. Isolationism only worked during Manifest Destiny; After 1919, could America really turn away from the world? Know who else loves American isolationism? Democrats and dictators who wish to expand their borders or massacre some people. Is that who you want to join?

Rudy, for all his faults, is a New Yorker. He understands how Arafat could beget OBL. The game of politics is about trading (so is policy). Will the Republicans follow the Sazorsky model next year? Or will the Democrats follow the Argentinian model? For Christian Conservatives, do you want to sup with Hillary or Rudy?

As Conservatives and Republicans, we should ask Paul to find new allies or leave the Presidential campaign.


  1. JSF, I think the most interesting thing to watch during these primaries is going to be the religious right deciding between a pro-choice, pro-gay, twice divorced moderate and a Mormon (considered an insidious cult by many of the evangelical crew). Paul's not even a long shot. The thing with libertarians is that they've got a little something that appeals to part of every side of the political aisle and a whole lot that raises the hackles of every side of the political aisle.

  2. Ron Paul, has a strong base in his congressional district, however, outside the borders of his home district his power and presence as force within the State of Texas is greatly diminished due to his alienation of large populations within the state.

    The liberal and moderate factions within the State Republican Party have attempted on several occassions to force the redrawing of the borders of 14th District for the purpose of lessening the influence of Ron Paul within the District.

    On both ocassions the proposal to redraw the borders were declared invalid because, of gerrymandering.
    and refuted by the more powerful conservative factions.

    There are a growing number of individuals within the Party who would willingly cede the seat to a Democrat as long as Ron Paul were unseated.

  3. Anonymous2:45 PM PST

    No-one comes close to being as corrupt, as Machiavellian and as downright scary as Hillary Clinton. That said, I can't stand RINO Rudy either. I intend to vote at the American Embassy here in Sydney. All I can say is, I hope the Republican movement comes up with someone decent soon or the evil witch of the west may be in power and all hell will break loose. And I mean that literally.
    By the way, Jason sitting back (like most of the left) with his juvenile giggling behind the hand at the dilemma of the moral conservatives will be one of the victims when it all goes south. These people (on the left) are just too stupid to realize that when all the morals of society completely collapse you've got nothing left.
    The problem is that they take us all with them into their hell.

  4. Jason, Aurora, and Chess,

    The fact that Giuliani is suceeding despite his personal history indicates how diverse a party the GOP is. Could a pro-life candidate ever make it to the top of the National Democratic Primary?

    Ron Paul is off the map, that is why the Valley will never endorse him for President. If he can be primaried in TX, Chess, let us know. I will highlight and send support during that primary.

    One thing we can all agree on is how bad Hillary Clinton for America. I will take any Republican candidate in the General to defeat her.

  5. JSF, the idea that the republicans are the party of diversity is laughable. Neither party does anything to actively seek diversity. Everything they do is a calculated effort to give themselves power. You know damn well that if the polls showed that enough of the democratic base was anti-choice, you'd see Hillary and the rest of them blockading clinics with Operation Rescue. We're not talking about decent human beings here. We're talking about politicians. These people would rip their own mothers' hearts out and eat them if they thought it would get them their fix of power. The republicans are settling on a guy who they strongly disagree with on many of their issues because they think he can win. But by that logic, I can't for the life of me understand why an unelectable witch with so much bad baggage could possibly still be the democratic frontrunner. Whoever wins, it's regular hard working people like us who lose.

  6. Anonymous7:14 PM PST

    I like to read everyones points of view. At this point, I'm still convinced with all I've read for and against Ron Paul that my vote should go to Dr. Ron Paul.

  7. The Jewish blogging world's most reviled rabbi has looked into the allegation that Ron Paul hates Jews, but has not yet issued a Halachic ruling on the matter.


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