Friday, November 23, 2007

Questions for Hillary supporters

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Simply this:

If she is "the smartest woman in America," I'm dying to know the answer to these questions:

1) If she was "the smartest women in America," how did her husband fool her regarding fooling around with Monica Lewinsky?

2) If she was "the smartest woman in America," how did she get fooled by someone you consider dumb, President George W. Bush, regarding her vote on Iraq and Iran?

3) Why doesn't Senator Clinton allow real questions, not staged questions, from any audience?

4) What does Hillary Clinton actually believe in? What is her foreign policy views and what does she want to achieve domestically? No parsing allowed.

I also want to know why you are a Hillary supporter. I want to know why she inspires passion for your vote.

Thanks for your time.


  1. To answer your questions:

    1: She wasn't fooled. She kept it a private issue, as it should be.

    2:Voting for war in Iraq and Iran is actually sound foreign policy to protect our freedom.

    3: Because if she did this, some moron from code pink would ask her a dumb question.

    4: She believes in a better America.

    I am a Hillary supporter because she's our only hope to take back America and get it under control.

  2. JSF, how much you want to bet that the previous commenter works for the campaign?

  3. Jason,

    That's what I'm betting on. How much will the Clinton campaign go out and answer honest questions? My usual bet is slim to none, but hey, I like to be proven wrong occaisionally.

  4. JSF, while I was quick to pile on the probably phony Clinton supporter, I almost left you off the hook. When has Bush ever answered an honest question? In fact, when is the last time he's ever taken a question that wasn't from a completely friendly crowd? He's not even running for office ever again and still whenever he occasionally addresses the public it's in front of the friendliest crowd he can find with secret service denying access to American citizens just because they look like they might ask this guy an uncomfortable question. And this is a guy who has A LOT of uncomfortable questions to answer. The reason I don't support Hillary (to the point where I will sit this election out if she's the nominee) is because she's George Bush with a D next to her name. Every dirty trick, every undemocratic uber-authoritarian move this guy has made, rather than wanting to rise above the indefensible, she sees it as something that has worked and can keep on working. To me, she embodies everything wrong with what has become of our political system. I not only want to see her lose the election, I want to see Bill divorce her and get himself a fine trophy wife like Fred Thompson did!

  5. Jason,

    It seems that the Secret Service started to crack down(during this Administration -- there are stories of Bill Clinton's too) after the Democrats support of Code Pink and Cindy Sheehan.

    The new protesters, as I've discussed before, have no sense of propriety or civility. Disagree, fine. But what is this with painted hands near a Secratery of State during a Congressional Committtee?!

    At one point do the Democrats take responsibility for Code Pink and their tactics?

  6. The real politics of an individual can often times be at odds with the registered party affliations of an individual consider the cases of the following eleven individuals:

    1. Oliver W. Holmes Jr., Associate Justice of the Supreme Court 1902-1932.

    2. Louis D. Brandeis, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court 1916-1939.

    3. Harlan F. Stone, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court 1925-1941, Chief Justice 1941-1946.

    4. Felix Frankfurter, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court 1939-1962.

    5. Harry A. Blackmun Associate Justice of the Supreme Court 1970-1994.

    6. John P. Stevens, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court 1975-.

    7. Wayne Morse, Senator from Oregon 1945-1969

    8. J. Strom Thurmond, Senator from South Carolina 1954-56 and 1956-2003.

    9. Harry F. Byrd Jr., Senator from West Virginia 1965-1983

    10. James Jeffords Senator from Vermont 1989-

    11. Joseph I. Lieberman, Senator from Connecticut 1989-

  7. JSF, Bush has clamped down on being exposed to opposing views long before Code Pink existed. There is an official White House memo on how to handle any dissent or protests anywhere near Bush. Blaming it on the democrats is too easy an out for you. If you don't like that Hillary pulls these sorts of shenanigans but you're OK with Bush doing similar, that's a bit on the hypocritical side.


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