Sunday, January 21, 2007

While Pelosi and Reid Fiddles.....

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While the Democrats play at being a Majority Party, the real world moves forward and the adults in the Executive Branch must deal with problems, such as Iran's war Games. According to the Democrats owner, the Daily Kos, it is fine for Iran to attack Israel.

I await to hear what the Democrat party foreign policy is regarding threats to our allies. Instead, I hear crickets chirping.

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  1. JSF

    I tend to think that both the Jordanians and Iraelis are exceptionally concerned by Iranian nuclear ambitions.

    I tend to think that before Iran is allowed to dominate the region the Israelis and Jordanians will work in concert to neutralize the threat posed by the Iranians.

    There exist precedents for such cooperative action.

    On 21 March 1968 the IDF with the express permission of King Hussein of Jordan launched operations against the PLO based at Al-Karameh.

    September 1971 with the aid of IDF, Israeli Air Force and the United States Navy ed the Jordanian Army in forcing the Syrian and Iraqi Army armored brigades that sought to reinforce the PLO forces waging war against the Jordanian government to withdraw and forced the PLO to retreat into Lebanon.

    It seems likely that Iranian intransigence over its nuclear program could foster the same sort of cooperation that I outlined above. I would also assert that it is likely that if a moderate Sunni nation such as Jordan developed a nuclear program especially with Israeli and American aid it could serve as a powerful deterent to Iran and the Wahabi of Saudi Arabia.


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