Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Dark side of the Moon

Please join in the Valley of the Shadow Annual Fundraiser. We are raising $7,700. Please hit the Tip Jar here to contribute. Thank you.
The Computer is in the shop again. The reason I installed the Fundraiser to the post was for two reasons:

1) Help with the Computer problems and make it easier to post.
2) If I can raise the amount above, The Valley can go to a Military charity and raise money for them double of what is asked here (If you do the math, I hope to raise $16,000 for the charity). This here is the dry run. Nothing happens without causation, so please contribute.

Other news:

I am working on a couple of posts (the computer returns Wed.) on: The Juli0-Claudian theory on Modern Presidents, Why the Road to Darfur goes through Baghdad, and some paintings, art and movies to review.

Thanks again for reading. I will post again when the Computer returns.

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