Saturday, March 08, 2014

Is Jose Aguilar of RPLAC really a Democratic Party Mole?

It seems that I am not the only Lonely G-d who demands sacrifice

Someone sent out emails asking us not to endorse a candidate for tomorrow.  Follow my FB and/or Twitter feed for more at the Endorsement meeting. 

Now, onto my sacrifice.

Is this Jose Aguilar?

Or is this a better image of Jose Aguilar?

In the science fiction world, there are always tests to see if an Artificial Intelligence can think independently.  Whether it was the Voight-Kampff test of Blade Runner or the Turing Test of Neuromancer, how one distinguishes human from Bot is still something we are working on. 

Many intrepid Liberal reporters and Bloggers go onto Face book of Republican candidates and Parties to see how their supporters act.  One needs only read Memorandum  to see that what goes on Facebook can end up in an opposing campaigns book tomorrow. 

To understand Jose Aguilar, you have to read (or see the movie) 1984 by Orwell.  He, like I have written about Democrats, needs his Two Minute Hate:

Like any good Liberal, he hates neo-cons.

Let me show you:

1) The Nation magazine (Left Wing) Hates Neocons;
2) The American Prospect (Left Wing) Hates Neocons;

3) MSNBC (Left wing) Hates Neocons; and
4) Crazy mass murderers Hate Neocons.

These are the people that Jose Aguilar has aligned with. 

When Aguilar follows Former Rep. Ron Paul's words to the letter, one must ask, is he human or is he a Democratic Party Mole?

Even the Liberty Crowd gets sick of his paranoiac ravings, he has no place in RPLAC unless he understands that Neo-CONSERVATIVES are part of the Republican (i.e. RPLAC) Coalition.  Los Angeles needs a Republican win and I look down upon any person who wants to kick people OUT of the party.  I converted to the GOP in the Summer of 1992, I have voted for more Republican POTUS candidates then Aguilar, he should leave the party if he hasn't followed suit.

If Aguilar wants to fight Neo-Cons, he should quit his position on his Central Committee, fly to DC and join a Democratic Peace group that fights neo-cons. Until then, Los Angeles has the second biggest population of Jews.  

Yelling "NEO-CON," in a crowded Face book room opens up any ally of Jose Aguilar's to charges of Anti-semitism.  

Anyone can say there is bad in the world, anyone can copy and paste articles, but it takes a Human to think about creative solutions that adds more allies.  Children call names, adults work with others to find solutions.

I ask the Liberty Coalition (Nick Hankoff is a person I can work with) and the RPLAC membership to start questioning Aguilar's role. 

If he is not adding anything to building a coalition to help Republicans win in Los Angeles, why is he allowed to write on our Facebook walls?

Only RPLAC members can comment here. 

And Jose Aguilar, here is your questions: 
1) We know you want to rid the world of neo-cons, but what is your vision (NOT Ron Paul's, YOURS!) of the GOP and Presidential Foreign Policy?
2) And then tell us: what is your role in RPLAC?  You anger more people then if President Obama blocked off Olympic Boulevard again.

The Lonely G-d has fed.

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