Wednesday, June 01, 2011

June 2011 Tip Jar Love

The trend continues.....

As this is the beginning of the month,
As I am a full time Blogger,

I need some Tip Jar love so I can continue writing and stay on top of everything. 

Everything, you ask?

Well, how does California Politics, California Republicans, Los Angeles Politics and Republicans, Goth music, Sci-fi movies, Doctor Who and whatever seems interesting. Plus I am writing a book about how to re-take Los Angeles and California for the Right.  

(And I have started moving out of AOL soon towards Gmail)

The Valley is trying to raise $300 -- You will find the reminder on top of every post until I can get that number.

So, please, please, please donate.

Thank you.

And now, a movie to enjoy while I write and you donate.... (Again, thank you)...

The Breed (2001) Alternate History Neo-Noir with vampires.

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