Saturday, June 25, 2011

How NOT to Negotiate Policy: A Lesson for Democrats

Speaker Tip O'Neill (D) and President Ronald Reagan (R)

Speaker Tip O'Neill (D) and President Ford (R)

The three men in the pictures above represent a different time in politics; No matter how far Speaker Tip O'Neill (D-MA) and Presidents Ford (R-MI) and Reagan (R-CA), they still worked out deals to move the country forward.

And in a span of 48 hours, National Democrats failed that test but New York State Democrats passed it. 

First let me say, good on New York.  They passed something good and they did it the right way. If the legislature or public support an issue, let them pass it.  If the public supports the cause, they will reward the legislators who passed it.  Or if by Plebiscite, they will feel the will of the people were heard.  So, again, kudos on New York State.

First, how did the national Democrats fail? 

Let's hear from someone who understands the Conservative, Republican and Tea party mindset, Rush Limbaugh:

Obama still runs the White House. The Democrats still have the Senate.  The Democrats had the whole show for 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.  And that's when all of this damage happened.  The Republicans didn't have one -- well, they had the White House with Bush, but he was neutered for the most part.  This is quite telling.  A Senior Democrat Senate aide tells me, the estimable Greg Sargent, the Democrats "will not shy away from making that case in the weeks to come, if the Republicans keep blocking their efforts to spur job creation."  So the Republicans are purposely destroying the economy and the Republicans are purposely blocking the effort to create jobs.  My friends, as I've said, we now know, and we have the answer:  The Democrat Party is purposely sabotaging the private sector of this economy, job creation, and they are purposely sabotaging the creation of private sector jobs.  The answer is in, both of them.  Thank you, Mr. Sargent. Thank you, Democrats.  

"Senators Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin made the charge in remarks to reporters today. Durbin said: 'Unfortunately our Republican colleagues in the House and Senate are driven by putting one man out of work -- President Obama.'"  It's exactly right.  That will equal economic recovery for everybody else.  Senator Chuck-U Schumer said, "Do Republicans really oppose a tax cut for businesses that created jobs?" You are hearing me right.  Chuck-U is out there now trying to tell people Republicans oppose business tax cuts.  Yeah, I know, it's brazen and it's audacious, but this is who they are.  I think isn't it that the Republicans have actually proposed tax cuts for businesses?  Isn't that in their budget, a budget, by the way, that Democrats nor Obama have even presented in two budget cycles now? 

-- Rush Limbaugh, June 23, 2011, First Hour.

If you start the negotiations ready to speak to the press on "How evil/nasty/etc your negotiating partners are," don't expect love back from the other side of the table.

What modern Democrats and Liberals don't understand is that Conservatives, Republicans and tea partiers have different priorities but share some fundamental views: Less taxes, more commerce, more freedom. 

When the GOP left the Biden led talks over tax hikes, what did they expect the Republican leadership to do? Roll over?

Negotiating means telling your political tribe to cool it with the attacks (that's why Rep. Weiner had no support, no coalition builder he) and something might get done. 

This is business 101 -- and it looks like the Obama White House with all their smarts, skipped that class.

Now, to New York:

First off, I'm a Social Libertarian, so yay on doing the Right thing. 

And they did it the Right way!  Every state should follow that lead.  You want the public behind the issue, do it so the public can hold the players accountable.  

Now, how did the New York Democrats get it right?

A simple use of the carrot and stick approach.

And this is a good lesson for those who feel the GOP does not listen to them. If you feel your Political view (again related to less taxes, more commerce and more freedom) are related, get involved in expanding in both parties. 

The reason the Gay marriage issue fails federally is because the gay groups have already endorsed President Obama the year before the electionIf you want bi-partisan support, give funds and support to both parties. 

As a Jew and Goth who has hung around the high levels of the Conservatives and Republicans, let me say that we don't bite (well, maybe as a Goth, I might).  The Jews have a presence within both parties and it pays dividends galore. 

My question: why do Democrats jump to attack first rather then negotiate in good faith?

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