Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Musical Interlude....

Last night, I hung out with my friend Toni who took me to see the LA Philharmonic at
the Walt Disney Concert Hall. I heard two Beethoven pieces and a new piece by Anders Hillborg.

I heard Beethoven's Symphonies 8 and 5. The last time I saw classical music live was when I was in Junior High during a class trip to Lincoln Center. Now, I love rock music, blues, Jazz and techno, but I forgot how, in the hands of a Master Composer, music can flow and live.

Some Saturday nights, I visit a Goth club where some bands play. In the midst of that music, you can hear the hints of the Old Masters (occasionally, it can show in a Moby or Blue Man Group piece). Growing up in NYC, you learn how to appreciate Art.

If you haven't noticed the paintings on this Blog, take a look. What makes Delacroix my favorite painter is his passion. If you learn nothing else from this piece, understand:
Passion + Creativity + Audience = Art

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