Monday, May 08, 2006

The Coup has begun

According to an earlier post, a battle is occurring between Clinton administration intelligence officers and the Bush Administration. First, Porter Goss, (side note: Goss used to represent the Florida 13th before Rep. Dan Miller succeeded him. I interned for Rep. Miller in the 104th Congress) and now Kyle Foggo, another Bush appointee is under fire. A good roundup of the situation can be found here.
The CIA pushed for General Michael V. Hayden. Do we really want Military control over the intelligence agencies? The retired General's attack on Rumsfeld should also worry the general public. What makes our system successful is the interchange between civilian and military leadership.
Do the Democrats really want the Military to take over the Executive Branch? Are they willing to abide by the decisions of the Military Leadership if this occurs? Or are we slowly living a real life Seven Days in May?

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