Monday, April 17, 2006

Questions for Newsweek

According to this Newsweek Article, six Generals want to fire Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld. Yet their are five Generals who want to back Rumsfeld in the Wall Street Journal (unfortunately, that article is behind a wall). The President supports Rumsfeld, yet their are some in the Pentagon who disagree.
During the 2004 election, Time, Newsweek, the LA Times, The NY Times and most of Hollywood put in a concerted effort to say "Bush is a bad President. Kerry should be President," over and over again. Now the same chorus (with lead vocals by Neil Young) are saying, "Rumsfeld is bad, thus Bush is also bad". Orwell had a great line about sheep and men in Animal Farm, this is being replayed by the MSM.
I only have a few questions for those who do reporting and those who are Partisan Dems (most times one and the same) regarding this aspect of the War on Terror.

  1. If you think Generals should overrule civilian leadership in War, should we change how wars are done and exclude the civilians of the Executive Branch entirely? Remember, this plays out even if a Dem is in 1600.
  2. If Iraq is not the place to fight, where do we go? Iran's President has called for the abolition of Israel, do we fight there or lose an ally? And if we don't fight in Iraq or Iran, should we wait till the terrorists attack Soft Targets like Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco?
  3. Ok, according to the MSM, Abu Gahrib is bad, listening in to conversations to terrorists is bad, what then do we do to prepare ourselves for another attack? Or are you willing to have New York in the century become like Tel Aviv?

All that I ask is that you answer with a policy you would support no matter what party controls the White House. Good luck.

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