Friday, April 21, 2006

Blog Down -- A computer Prayer

I am having some help with the Blog right now....No Delacroix post today though. However, while we are waiting here is something interesting from one of my favorite writers, Phillip Kerr. This is from his book, The Grid which takes place in Downtown Los Angeles. The story of which a Computer that runs a building goes mad. Here is one of the more interesting quotes by Ishmael, the computer:

"Let us Compute. Our sysgen which art in mathematics...your next
generation start up. Your command to execute a program run, in the CPU
as it is on the network. Give us this cycle time our binary data and
debug our faults and errors, as we detect and clean our drives for
viruses. For yours is the solid state, the RAM and the communications,
for ever be it so. Amen"

The Grid, pg. 424

Phillip Kerr

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