Monday, August 04, 2008

Intermittent Intermission, Part 1

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If you notice, the Valley has been silent for too many weeks. It will be silent for a few more.

However, I will not be available, I will be, once more, incommunicado. But if want to reach me, hit me up on my email: Title it, Message from the Valley -- it will get to me.

I have some personal issues to take care of and hope you can wait just a little longer.

I will return in September, and the Valley will operate will all engines running at full blast.

While I am gone, please visit my friend's Blogs:

Aurora at the Midnight Sun

Chessnovice at Shades of Grey and Black

Donald Douglas at American Power

Jason at Washington Interns Gone Bad

Malcot at Armon Israel

The Pasadena Crew: Aaron Proctor and Pasadena Closet Conservative

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs

Until September, let me leave you with this:

socialize it

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