Saturday, July 05, 2008

Why a President Obama will fail -- Look at Hollywood

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Senator Obama is going around telling the country he will fix the country after the past 8 years. Woo hoo. There might even be stronger Democratic majorities in Congress. Yet...if you want to see how Democrats are running things professionally in a major city, look at Hollywood and the Entertainment field.

A few months ago, the Writer's Guild [WGA] went on Strike. After the strike was over, New Line, Picturehouse and Warner Brothers Independent fell. During that time, most Above the Line and Executives went to the Senator Obama fundraiser -- 90% of Hollywood does equal lockstep.

When a Studio falls, it affects the three parts of the industry: Pre-production (funding and scripts), Production (what goes on on set) and Post production (Editing, marketing and selling the film). If a studio falls, none of those groups end up getting paid.

Now with the Screen Actors Guild [SAG] and the American Federation of Radio and Television Artists [AFTRA] on the verge on striking and shooting done contracted deal, will people in Los Angeles work in this town again? AFTRA negotiated with the Producers to tie the next strike to be in joint conjunction with the Directors [DGA] and the WGA, three years from now.

SAG is trying to shoot down the deal for ego's sake. Los Angeles has three industries, Government, Transportation and Entertainment. If there are two work stoppages in one year, will people be willing to fund movies filmed in Los Angeles?

When the Guilds [WGA, SAG, AFTRA and DGA] and the Producers [AMPTP] sit at a table, there are no President Bush voters there. No one around that table voted for a Republican, even once. In Los Angeles, the whole City Council is Democrat. The Mayor is a Democrat. The State Assembly is Democratic. The State Senate is Democratic. The Governor is a nominal Republican (He hasn't argued for a Conservative position since 2005 -- but I discuss this in the California Encyclicals). With the Actor Guilds arguing among themselves, and arguing with the Producers, Democrats all, how can Senator Obama and the National Democrats even argue they can fix any country?

In my time away from work, I've found that if a Strike (or a de facto Strike) or a lockout (if the AFTRA contract fails) occurs, there is rumors of three Studios not surviving the next strike. Some big ones are fine, Disney, Universal, MGM and Sony; Medium sized and smaller? A lot of people around town are worried.

With at least 90% of Entertainment people are Democrats and they can't get together to make Movies and TV shows, how the hell can they run Government?

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  1. I love the smell of desperation in the morning. It smells like victory!

  2. Jason,

    I love proving a point -- Democrats run everything in Hollywood and they've been losing monies and viewers for a while.

    And these people want to run Washington?

  3. Desperation, I tell you! Your guys blew it magnificently and now you're clutching at straws and I've got to say I love it.

  4. Anonymous7:03 PM PDT

    They're all Dems, JSF!!

    Obama's going to be a disaster in any case...

  5. Hey, have you guys heard the one about McCain's week? He called Social Security a total disgrace, joked about killing people, his top economic advisor called Americans concerned about the recession a bunch of whiners, he flip flopped on Iraq a whole bunch of times, he offered a balanced budget plan without any details and a record ot voting for tax cuts and increased spending, and he lied about his miserable voting record when it comes to veterans benefits.

    But Obama's going to fail because most of the entertainment industry votes democratic? Wigga please!

  6. Anonymous8:45 PM PDT

    I love proving a point -- Democrats run everything in Hollywood and they've been losing monies and viewers for a while.
    And hear I thought it was the Zionists... Wasn't hollywood a tentacle in the World Takeover Conspiracy? (better ring up David Duke or Ahmadinijad... what was their cell # again?!)... ;-)

    Jason, McCain is no prize but he's far better than Obama. Barak doesn't seem to know where he stands, he gives these beautiful speeches but says absolutely nothing. He has (by no accident or coincedence) recieved the endorsement of 'winners' worldwide (from Kim Jong Il to various Islamist terrorist leaders). He sat through vile, racist "sermons" at Rev Wrights snake pit for 20 years and didn't "see any problem". Not to mention that the man is the very definition of INEXPERIENCE (how the Democratic party allows such a Junior Senator to run is beyond me! They are playing with a fire they know so little about!)

    For a man who preaches CHANGE, he sure doesn't seem different to me. He changes his views weekly to suit polls, he's rich on words but wishy-washy on real policy, and some of his ideas border on the absurd (his idea of 'getting the sides together' and leaving Iraq in a span of several months is NUTz, besides the fact that it would be logistically impossible to move such a force in such a short time, his idea of reconciling thousands of years of Sunni/Shia fighting is a declaration devoid of pragmatic planning or basic understanding!)

    Finally (why I think Hussein Obama is no "change" from what we know) he sat through Wrights hatred for 20 years, he placed his newborn daughter in his hands to baptize her, HE SAW NO PROBLEMS WITH THE MAN OR HIS MESSAGE THEN! When the news came out about Wright's "views" Obama defended him as again, he SAW NO PROBLEMS. Then, when the news began hurting his numbers Barack had an abrupt change of heart.

    He changes his views, & his base morality based on opinion polls! For a messiah of change he sure smells, looks and sounds like your same-old-same-old politician!


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