Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The meaning of the Missiles

Read this.

The question we Americans (that includes you, Messrs. Keller and Baquat) should be asking is: What does Kim Jong-Il get for firing his missiles?

The last time North Korea threatened us, we gave money and financial support. Among North Korea's neighbors, who can trust them? China, more interested in being an Economic power, does not want it's borders threatened. Japan, just out of a recession , and pacifisic since WWII, does not want an encrouching power either.

The only known trading power with North Korea is, at this moment, Iran. What North Korea is missing is money. During the early 20th Century, Germany launched a Dreadnaught battleship off the coast of North Africa. Why? To show the European world, the expanding Prussian Empire.

What must we do? This is Poker and Kim Jong-Il laid all his cards on the table. And the dealer hasn't shown the flop yet. Multi-lateral negotations (US, China, South Korea, and Japan) and using the carrot of trade might cause North Korea to back down.

Again, we can only hope.

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  1. Anonymous12:44 AM PDT

    they need attention!

    North Korea aspires for power not only in their own territory. They hunger for every country's interest over their own activitities. They savor every ounce of fear they smell from us when they threat us with their missiles.
    As for now pray is all we can do!


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