Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The THIRD most important job in Washington

Andrew Card, White House Chief of Staff, is stepping down and being replaced by Joshua Bolton, formally of Office of Management and Budget [OMB] The last time a President had only two Chiefs of Staff during an administration (the average is 3), was during the Ford Administration.

I own a book called The White House Staff by Bradley Peterson, Jr. In it, he describes what the job entails:

  • "A Chief of Staff needs to be familiar with the unique pressures and pitfalls of...Washington.
  • "The Chief of Staff has comprehensive control over the activities of White House Staff...
  • "None of the policy centers of the White House...can be allowed to work independently of the rest of the institution...
  • "The Chief of Staff controls the President's schedule....[and] doorway.
  • "The Chief of Staff cannot avoid dealing with Congress
  • "The Chief of Staff must build bridges to the Cabinet."

(Abridged pgs 348 - 356)

The equivalent out in Los Angeles is a Personal Assistant; However, no
personal assistants control hundreds of federal employees or billions of
taxpayer funds. The last time this switch occurred was during the
Reagan Administration when James Baker and Donald Regan switched jobs. Their switch helped create the
Tax Reform Act of 1986 (Detailed in the book, Showdown at Gucci Gulch by Birnbaum and Murray).

The question is: with a GOP Congress and an OMB head turned Chief of Staff, what new watershed law will be done between 2006-2008?

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