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Monday, November 08, 2010

How to Read a Blog Post

Blog posts are a new writing form.   The best Blog writers have great links, and great Blogrolls. (Without a Blogroll, you are an island with no ports)

Why am I bringing this subject up now?

Some people are reading posts without following through on the links and declaring "Blindness is sight!" Or "I don't know what views XXXX people hold,"  However, if you follow links, these things can be learned.  

Blog reading requires interaction and curiousity. 

Let me show you what I mean:

I could write this:
The Cult of Skaro faced the Cybermen in "Doomsday,"
or I could write this:
The Cult of Skaro faced the Cybermen in "Doomsday,"  Here is a video:

If you click the links above, you learn who the Cult of Skaro is and what are Cybermen.  If you don't click, you don't learn.

So if you claim ignorance, you haven't been reading a Blog Post correctly. 

And anyone who is ignorant of what the Tea Party stands for after 18 months is an idot. It means they do not care about what their fellow Americans believe.   

Thus endth the lesson.

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